Kangra and Language Kangri

Among the states of India, Himachal Pradesh is a mountainous state, which is situated in the middle of the HimalayanMountains. Among the 12 districts of Himachal, Kangra district has its own flavor.

This district attracts many foreigners by its mind-blowing beauty. The mountains in it are known as the ‘Dhauladar’ mountain range. The special city of the Kangra district is the city ‘Kangra’, which used to be called ‘Trigarth’, and before that, ‘Nagarkot’. There is a fort there made by kings many generations ago. The language of the people is ‘Kangri’. This language is also spoken in the districts of Hamirpur, Chamba, Una, Mandi, and Bilaspur adjacent to Kangra district. If we talk about the dialects spoken in this district, then Gaddi, Nurpuri, and Bhatiaati are also spoken here. In addition to Hindi, the people here also speak a little English also. According to the 2012 census the population of Kangra district is 1,507,223, of which 420,864 people live in villages and 86,359 live in cities. In Kangra district there are 16 Tehsils and 9 sub-tehsils. We are known for our unity and brotherhood with each other.